Values Statement

We understand the relationship between a clearly defined, measurable business vision, a set of distinct core values and success. Values govern our thoughts, attitudes, actions and appropriate business conduct and represent the highest standards expected and applies to everyone acting on behalf of the company. The key to living our values and culture lies with all of us. We have a responsibility to uphold our values and are accountable for the way in which they are practiced.
The values that every representative of Tenet Consulting ascribes to are:

  • Principle integrity – uncompromising business and personal ethics: Be familiar with and act in line with the values in both the letter and spirit
  • Respect – for self and others: Act according to the highest personal, positional and moral standards as well as upholding the laws that govern the country
  • Evolution – grow and adapt to the changing environment: cultivate and reward innovation
  • Transparency – in processes, learning and governance: Accepting the responsibility of keeping the values alive in order to preserve the culture of the organisation